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Sam was born in the UK and has led an incredibly adventurous life. From working as a raft guide in Africa, to a skydiving instructor in Mexico, he now lives in Fallbrook, California with his wife, Steph and their 2 dogs (Phoenix & Charlie).


For the past 10 years Sam has traveled around the world as a professional BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, and successfully built one of the most recognized BASE jumping schools in the world (


When's he's not teaching students in Europe during the summers, he's working on turning his passion for converting vans into a growing business.


Throughout his life, Sam found that often the most practical, affordable way to live an adventurous life, was to do so in a van. He converted his first camper van when he was 17 years old and has now built over 10 vans. He believes RV's and camper vans are often priced too high for people to find them accessible. So he started this company for others to be able to enjoy the luxury of life on the road.


Sam's aim is to build a practical, reliable and affordable camper van for people to enjoy in comfort and style.

Follow Sam and his camper van builds here

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